Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Starting once again........

Wow! A bunch of things change over a few years time. I am now a mother of 5. Two boys and three girls. Recently diagnosed with two forms of arthritis, which could be a blog all it's own. Life has a way of sneaking up on you and before you know it things get dumped upside down. It all started a couple years ago when I was told I was pregnant. I was done 8 years earlier and had a son leaving soon on a mission. To say I was a wreck would be sugar coating it, but I was.
I could have easily been classified as crazy, or so it felt. Starting over with a new baby was not in my grand plan and to be having a baby while my oldest was on a mission put me in a stereo type of Mormon moms that I was not fond of. I love my kids and have always put being their mom as my top priority. I work graveyards so I don't miss anything important and volunteered a little here and there to be involved, but mostly I attended plays, dance classes, soccer games, softball games, band concerts, and piano recitals, with a few debate competitions and other minor things thrown in from time to time. I was sure at the time that nothing would be right again.

I was SO wrong. My son Jonathan left on November 2, 2011. It was heartbreaking to say the least but I had plenty to keep reminding me that I had to GET IT TOGETHER! My 5th child entered our family on January 20, 2012 and made a deep impact on myself and the rest of my family. She was little and beautiful and immediately helped all of us focus on whats important. I loved her the moment they laid her on my chest and I looked into her eyes that seemed to say I am here, finally! Happiness and guilt washed over me at the same time. I had regret for all the negative emotion I had held onto for the past nine months, but at the same time all the joy a new mom has holding a gift from heaven. Our family was NOW complete. We named her Paige after much debate and family discussions. The name was picked by McKay and we immediately loved it.  She came to us and has helped all of us but not only us but several of our friends have felt the attachment also. She was needed by more than our family. One family in particular she is attached to in our neighbors across the street. The Warr's, Paige sees Kaylee their 13 year old daughter as another sister and she loves Laloni as much. She loves Sundays when she gets to go to church and shake everyone's hand and get her dumdum sucker from the door greeter. She is a true blessing. My girls Amy and Sarah, what would I do without them. They are such a blessing. They are so helpful. I also profess to have the most beautiful and talented dancers. But even more than that they are smart and incredibly kind.Their  thoughtfulness to others is amazing, now if they could be that way to each other I could claim they were perfect daughters. Jonathan has been an amazing missionary who will come home in about 7 weeks and I could not be more proud of him or more excited he will be home. I never realized 21 years ago that my kids would eventually leave and it causes a new kind of heartbreak. I do also realize that it's a necessary part of them growing into responsible adults. Recently I sent McKay off to college and that was even harder. I felt like I was sending him to the wolves which I still think I have, and a whole new way to worry and she'd tears has been introduced. I have decided that it would be in my kids best interest to live close enough that I can drive to see them in a relatively reasonable amount of time. Long distance in not an option.
One person I haven't mentioned once but is by far the most important one in my life is Danny, my best friend and husband who works so hard to support us and sacrifices so much time serving in the church. He is the stabilizing part of our family he keeps me somewhat grounded. We have been married for 22 years and everything good that I have has come from the decision to marry him. I love him with all my heart, and more!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six Random Things - I was tagged by Mariann

(It's one way to get me to update my blog)

1. I broke my arm when I was 10 doing handstands on 5 gallon buckets filled with water. I had to have surgery on my arm to pin the bone I broke back in place and a year later had to have plastic surgery on the scar. I now have a zig zag scar on my right elbow. Needless to say I never told my parents the real way I broke my arm till after I was married.

2. I have four kids, 2 boys and 2 girls and I knew with all but my last girl what I was having before I had the ultrasound. 3 for 4 isn't to bad.

3. I met my husband, Danny at a singles ward and he called me by the wrong name for about two months, then I turned him down when he asked me out the first time, and he only asked me out after he heard me speak in church. (Ha Ha It literally took divine intervention!!!)

4. I currently HATE painting walls. After painting our newly redone house inside I am taking motrin regularly to help with the Tendonitis in my shoulders. I LOVE my house though!!!!

5. I have been on 2 pioneer treks and am preparing to go on a 3rd. Hardest thing I have ever done in my life but it helped me realize I am capable of more than I ever realized.

6. I love to read when I can find the time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I know I know it's about time. With everthing happening and mt computer being down for a while my blog went on neglected. The house is comming alog thanks to sooooo many people. Nathan is finishing up our electrical and David is doing our siding. It looks like a totally different house. Christmas was good especially sice we got our carpet and put up our tree on christmas eve. We have hosted a couple family parties here and we LOVE having the space to do it. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how it looks. Not quite done with everything but you'll get the idea.

Friday, November 14, 2008

House Update

This is looking from the new family room towards the dining room and my new bedroom

This was towards the beginning when wall were just starting to be knocked down. The picture below is the out side right at the beginning.

Here are some picture updates on our great adventure of remodeling!! ( Ha Ha ) It is definiately not something we will regret but also something that can wear you out quick. We are managing pretty well in spite of no washer and on kitchen but progress is happening. The drywall os being hung this weekend.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, we have been busier than ever so a quick update and I will try to post pictures later. The house is coming very quickly. Currently the plumbing and heating is being finished and this weekend Dad and Nathan and anyone else who is here to help (Thanks A Ton!!!). Next is insulation and dry wall then Danny and I will become experts at tile laying. Jonathan just finished his play and he literally stole the show each night. It is amazing to me to watch him every year in these plays and see how talented he is and he has a great voice too which I have to hear in the plays because I never hear it anywhere else. McKay is still REALLY into soccer. He is on his club team and also tried out for the school team which at first he was on JV but within a week was moved up to Varsity. So he practices every day after school tll about 4:30 or 5:00. Amy and Sarah are my little dancers they will have a Christmas concert on Dec. 12 and are very excited about it. Danny is trying to manage the stress of work, church, and a ever chaotic house project and I think he is doing well but he probably wouldn't agree. I have been house hopping since during the day I have been with out water, heat, and bathroom facilities. Thank heavens for family. This all will soon end and be nothing but a memory, or so I have been told but in the meantime if any one would like to give any helpful suggestions we are interested.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh Boy what have we done!!! We signed on our construction loan this week and have begun already. It took three days to get our back porch broken out. I have never seen a bigger piece of concrete. It was to big to haul off so our contracter buried it in the backyard. Danny and Mckay stripped shingles on the front side of our roof and will do the rest on Saturday. This is a huge project that we are very excited about but are nervous about all the time it will take since we are pretty busy already. I guess now I have an excuse to say NO to some of the other things I am invloved in. I plan on posting update pictures as we go along. I just wish I had taken a picture of the porch. The contracter worked on it for three days with a jackhammer, saw, and small excavater and FINALLY got the stupid thing out. If anyone has suggestions on remodeling we are completely open to them. Wish us luck (HA HA)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Date

Jonathan went on his first date tonight to Granger High's Homecoming. He went with a girl named Maggie and he had fun. The details I got are a bit sketchy but he is just 16 and what on earth does a 16 year old boy need to tell his mom about a date. They went to Boondocks during the day and then to the Garden Restaurant at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, then to the dance, and ended at McDonald's. I sure hope my girls will give me more details since Jonathan's are few and Mckay has assured me that he will never be going to a dance ( we'll see!! ) Mckay had another soccer game today which was exciting not because they won which they didn't ( score 2-1) but because the refereeing was bad and a fight broke out and several of our players got carded even McKay which is very unusual and the cops showed up. I missed all the excitement because I was home sleeping which I think I am glad about. Oh well lets hope we can pull it together as parents and players for our next game on Wednesday. I have a hard time when parents get all keyed up and start yelling because it makes things so much worse for the kids.